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Digital Solutions For Your Everyday Needs


Experience in developing various applications.


DJ Digital Solutions offer support from the initial stage.

Reliability & Affordability

Rest assured you can count on us to deliver the product to your needs and budget.

Some of the services offered

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Social Media​​

Marketing growth


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Web Design​

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Digital Consulting ​​


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e-commerce Functionality

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Content Marketing​

How can we help you?

Stages taken to complete your project.  We will communicate with you throughout all stages of the project.  

Initial Phase

Meet with client to ascertain their needs . Obtain project brief/project mandate (an Overview of project/scope/objectives).
Time scale created and shared with client. Construct agreement for project sponsor/budget holder to start project.

Planning Phase

Web Design – create various mock-ups of the product base on the client need such as:
– user interfaces
– system interfaces
Operation, training and maintenance plans are drawn up. This server as a guide for the client and developers in moving forward.

Execution Phase

Build various stage of the project. The client is sent the mock-ups and revisions carried out.
Developers will follow any coding guidelines to build the project. Create project closure report and deliveries. Handover the project to client.

Evaluation Phase

The project will be integrated into its environment and and installed. The project should be ready in theory for the the market. Obtain feedback from the client.

Maintenance Phase

Carry out the necessary procedures need for your website to remain operational. This include, updating plugins, fix broken links, security etc.

Some Popular Platforms

We work with various platforms. During the initial stage we discuss with the client the best possible platform to achieve their needs.


It is an all-in-one content management system (CMS). Like other CMS it offers beautiful modern templates, coding is optional (you don’t need to worry about fixing lines of code that might be broken). However, an understanding of coding would be beneficial to assist in modifying some areas of your work. It’s all-in-one so you don’t need to worry about plugins, widgets, or apps. Everything is built into the platform including analytics. It is SEO friendly, mobile-optimized, and affordable. You can create your own log using logo maker.


WordPress is by far and above the most popular of all Content Management Systems in the world. There are over 75 million websites that utilise the WordPress platform (which accounts for a huge percentage of total usage). The beauty of WordPress in web design is that it flexible and adaptable to suit every possible type of web development requirement. It also has really good SEO advantages over other solutions in that it is read well by the search engine algorithms.

Woo Commerce

This is one of the most commonly used eCommerce solutions. Integrating WooCommerce with WordPress platform provides a powerful and rich digital shopping solution. This is a great platform for those with the need to sell online. WooCommerce is free, easy to customise based on the themes provided, a provide a variety of features (unrestricted customization, built-in-blogging, easily manageable product categories, tags and attributes etc). You control the WooCommerce store, great security from, substantial number of official extensions, search engine optimization (SEO) and other benefits.

Would you like to start a project with us?

DJ Digital Solutions web design and website development company is here to help bring your dreams to reality.   

We are passionate in delivering elegant website design, search engine optimisation (SEO) and website maintenance services at affordable rate.

Website Design

Website Design and Website Development.

Are you looking for a freelance web designer, website development to help in making your dream a reality in the digital era?

We build affordable and effective website design, including e-commerce web design that works. An e-commerce website is not just a website that sells goods and services, it is a complicated system that handles orders, payments, shipping, resources, inventory, taxes, offers, reports, coupons and much more. If you need a tool to take your business into this market, then you’ll need someone with the experience and creativity to make it possible.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

Web design – while many people use these terms interchangeably, there is an important difference. Web design is all about the front-end of the website and creating a great first impression for customers. It is the design of the website, and can include everything from the colour scheme and layout to the navigation and content.

Web development, on the other hand, includes all the programming that takes place on the backend of the website. This includes the coding of all the pages, applications, and functions that will power your website.

We have the experience needed to help your business grow online with the correct page optimisation.  Web De

We strive to make our clients happy

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