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Improving server response time

Improving server response time

Improving server response time is essential for business.  It is very easy to be drawn into low prices to hosting a website from hosting companies.  Also, most people are not aware of the requirements as it relates to the services needed for their type of business.    This rangers from the speed of the website, web hosting , shared hosting, dedicating hosting and scalability.   I had the opportunity of revising various packages offered by hosting companies.  Each hosting company packages varies according to the speed, add-ons and services offered.

It is important to remember customers experience is essential, whether it’s reading an article or shopping online. Customers will fail to return or use your service if it is slow or increase downtime.  Therefore, investing in a good hosting company and finding the right developer  to maintain your website is essential.

Server response time can be reduced in several ways:


This stores the data on the device so that future request can be made faster.  There are several caching plugins/tools available that comes with its own merit.   Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) but it’s a good place to start on the free tier should you need to see how it can improve your server response time.

WP Rocket – is another provider that offer various packages dedicated to caching.  You should see a significant improvement in your website speed though the services offered once configured.  Its advertise on their website and the most powerful solution to boost your loading time, improve your page speed performance score, and optimize your Core Web Vitals.

Both plugins are good for minifying  JavaScript and CSS to improve the overall experience of user resulting in increased performance.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The server load time can be reduced if you use a Content Delivery Network.  This will serve the content to the nearest geolocation for the user.  The overall aim is to reduce the time it takes to retrieve the information from your server.  Some users serve videos and large files from CDN.  There are various CDN and the price varies according to the users need.  Cloudflare offers free CDN with more location than most CDN. They offer tons of features both free and paid including secure, optimise and accelerate websites and applications.  Some user only need the free tier including Web Application Firewall WAF, DNS and  SSL to name a few.

However, Bunny CDN is fairly new on the market and offer 14 days free trial.  They advertise on their website to speed up  Speed up your content with our next-generation CDN, Edge Storage and Optimization Services. makes lightning-fast performance at any scale easier than ever before. Set-up in 5 minutes. No Credit Card required.

Website maintenance

It is essential that you maintain your website by optimising the database, use lightweight themes and keep the everything including the theme and plugins up to date.

In conclusion

Reducing server response time is essential as it will improve user experience and cause your website to behave better.  You can  use Google Webmaster Tools  help in identifying 404 error that have various request.

Improving server response time is essential

Reducing server response time is crucial for improving the overall performance and user experience of a website or application. A fast server response time will help you speed up your website, reduce bounce rate, improve the user experience and boost SEO and page ranking. A slow server response time means it will take longer for your page to load which can impact user experience and SEO.

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